How to Transform Your Home Exterior with a Few Simple Change

Updating your home’s exterior can dramatically change the look and feel of your house Presented by Myhousehaven. With a few simple projects, you can give your home an entirely new personality that reflects your style. The best part is that many exterior upgrades can be tackled in just a weekend. Here are some easy ways to update your home’s exterior in just one weekend:

Paint the Front Door

Painting your front door is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to update your home’s exterior. Choose a bright, bold color to make an eye-catching statement. For a more classic look, select a traditional hue like black, navy, or dark red. Use a high-quality exterior paint and primer formulated for use on doors. Thoroughly clean and lightly sand the existing door paint before applying 2-3 coats of your new color. Add coordinating exterior paint to the trim around the door as well. A freshly painted door can entirely transform the look of your home’s entrance.

Install New House Numbers

Swap out your old or boring house numbers for a new, stylish set. Opt for numbers in a contrasting paint color to your home or choose metal numbers for a more luxe look. Remove the old numbers and thoroughly clean the installation area. Use exterior adhesive to affix the new numbers in the correct spot. This simple change can make your home seem updated and put together. For extra flair, install coordinating decorative numbers on your mailbox or planters as well.

Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Outdated exterior lighting can make your home feel dated. Upgrade aged fixtures with new, stylish lamps, sconces, or pendant lights. Look for fixtures made of weather-resistant materials like metal or high-grade plastic. Opt for black, bronze, or other on-trend colors. Install new lighting beside doors, garage entrances, patios, walkways, and other key areas. Make sure to choose the appropriate bulb wattage and type for each new fixture. Improved lighting instantly modernizes your home’s exterior for curb appeal.

Paint or Stain the front door area.

Make your front entrance pop by giving the surrounding area a fresh coat of paint or stain. For wooden surfaces like railings, columns, or trim, apply a new stain in a chic shade slightly lighter or darker than your existing color. Use a roller to paint brick, concrete, or other masonry areas in a trendy hue like navy, olive green, or slate gray. Coordinating your front door and entrance area creates a pulled-together, welcoming look. Add new potted plants or stylish mats to complete your makeover.

Install Outdoor Accent Lighting

Strategically placed accent lighting can showcase the best features of your home’s exterior and create an inviting glow during the evening hours. Use exterior-rated recessed lighting, path lighting, or spotlights to illuminate entries, gardens, landscapes, or architectural details. You can also hang festive string lights on trees, patios, pergolas, and more. Use smart bulbs to adjust lighting color and brightness. Accent lighting adds aesthetically pleasing illumination and dimension to your home’s exterior.

Refresh Planters and Flowerpots

Tired planters and overflowing flowerpots can make your home look unkempt. Take some time to clean or refresh your planters to instantly elevate your exterior. Repaint faded terra cotta or plastic planters using spray paint in your home’s color scheme. For worn concrete or wooden planters, apply a fresh layer of outdoor sealant. Drain excess water and remove dead plants and flowers. Fill pots with potting soil and new greenery like succulents, ferns, or flowering annuals. Place freshly planted pots by entrances, on porches, and in garden beds. Vibrant plants in clean containers improve your home’s curb appeal.

Improve your home’s exterior appeal and functionality in no time with these easy weekend projects. Start by tackling the front entrance area, then move on to accent lighting and other details. Work with suitable weather conditions and allow proper drying time for any paint or stain. Enlist help from family or friends to get everything done in just one or two days. With some DIY elbow grease, you can give your home an entirely new facade. A few simple upgrades keep your home looking stylish while also boosting its value. Renew your exterior this weekend and enjoy your improved curb appeal for years to come.

Add Shutters

Installing shutters is a straightforward way to add charm and architectural interest to your home’s façade. Choose shutters made of durable materials like vinyl, composite, or fiberglass. Opt for shutters sized to properly fit your windows. Use exterior-grade screws to attach shutter panels to the window framing or wall beside each window. Shutters instantly give your home a polished, stately look.

Update Railings and Banisters

Swap out old or boring exterior railings and banisters with new, stylish ones to refresh your home’s look. For wooden railings, apply a fresh coat of paint or stain in an on-trend color. Wrought-iron or aluminum railings can be sanded and repainted. You can also replace the railings entirely with pre-made vinyl or metal rail kits in colors like black, bronze, or white. Updated railings improve safety and give your exterior an upgraded feel.

Add Exterior Decorative Trim

Decorative trim and molding add subtle yet impactful style to your home’s exterior. Use trim pieces around windows, doors, corners, rafters, and wall edges. Opt for low-maintenance materials like urethane or PVC trim boards. Cut pieces to size and secure them with exterior-rated nails or adhesive. Enhance architectural details with columns, corbels, appliqués, or other ornamental trim. Fresh decorative accents modernize your home’s aesthetic.

Improve Exterior Light Fixtures

In addition to installing new lighting, consider refurbishing existing fixtures. Clean dirty lamp covers and housings, then spray paint with outdoor metal paint in an updated color like matte black or antique bronze. Replace aging lightbulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs. For a bigger change, replace the entire exterior fixture housing while keeping the wiring intact. Improved lighting fixtures provide better illumination while giving your home a fresh look.

With some extra elbow grease, you can tackle these and other easy upgrades to improve your home’s exterior and take your projects beyond the initial six items. Prioritize the areas that need attention the most or the changes that will have the biggest visual impact. Properly prepare all surfaces and use only exterior-grade materials. With a productive weekend and a bit of creativity, you can noticeably enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Refresh Siding

If your home’s siding is looking worn or dated, consider refreshing it with a new coat of exterior paint in an on-trend color. For wood siding, opt for a semi-transparent stain to enhance the natural grain. Use a power washer to clean vinyl or aluminum siding before painting. Match existing trim colors or create a coordinating color scheme. Newly painted siding can make your home look freshly updated.

Add Flower Boxes or Hanging Baskets

Installing flower boxes below windows or hanging flower baskets by entrances adds fresh color and charm. Use weather-resistant materials like galvanized steel, wood, or composites. Include drainage holes and secure with exterior-grade screws. Plant flowers like petunias, pansies, and impatiens, which do well in containers. Water regularly and fertilize monthly. Flower boxes and baskets bring vibrant personality to your home’s exterior.

Improve Yard Landscaping

Focus your weekend efforts on improving your home’s landscaping. Trim overgrown bushes and trees, and mow and edge the lawn. Lay fresh mulch or wood chips on garden beds and paths. Plant new flowers and shrubs suited to your climate and conditions. Add hardscaping like stone paths, a gravel patio, or wood decking to create a multi-dimensional landscape. Yard upgrades instantly improve curb appeal.

Install a New Mailbox

An old or rusty mailbox can make your home look unkempt. Install a new mailbox and post in a classic black, sleek stainless steel, or brushed bronze metal finish. Or choose a custom mailbox in a shape that reflects your personality and style. Make sure to correctly position the mailbox near the curb. Match your home’s trim color to the new post. A mailbox upgrade is an easy way to boost your exterior’s look.

You can finish numerous systems to give your home’s surface a new look from top to bottom with a well-planned weekend and some sweat work. Employ high-quality accouterments and homestretches to guarantee that your variations last after the first-weekend bid. 


 Streamlining your home’s surface can feel like a daunting task, but it can actually be manageable if you break it down into smaller weekend systems. With some planning and medication, you would be surprised how much you can negotiate in just a weekend or two.    

While major emendations like siding relief or structure additions take further time, you can still make conspicuous advancements in just a weekend by enhancing what formerly exists. Simple traces like new accentuation lighting or a fresh fleece of makeup go a long way.    

So do not let your home’s worn surface get you down. Roll up your sleeves, make a plan, and get ready for an exhilarating DIY challenge. With some determination and elbow grease, you’ll be amazed at how many tweaks can transform the face of your home in no time. Your improved check appeal will have your neighbors asking how they can improve their own weekend systems. 

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